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TangoTX1 - Rightface

By wearing the Tango™ TX1, your workers will be the safest single gas monitor users in the world. A 3-year runtime and patent pending DualSense™ Technology increases worker safety, regardless of bump test frequency, while reducing overall cost.


- Significantly increases worker safety – DualSense Technology ensures that regardless of your current bump test policy, you will be significantly safer with the Tango than with any other single gas instrument on the market today.

- Longer battery life – Operates continuously in an “always-on” mode for three years. After the battery can no longer support instrument life, it can be replaced for another three years of continuous operation.

- Louder instrument alarm – Alarms at 100dB at 10 centimeters making it twice the volume of Industrial Scientific’s GasBadge units and louder than any single gas instrument on the market. Alarm volume can be increased by about 10dB for higher-noise environments with the addition of the optional AlarmAmp™.


Lifetime warranty.

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MX6 iBrid with Pump  

Get ready to see hazardous levels of oxygen, toxic and combustible gas, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like never before. The MX6 iBrid™ is more than an intelligent hybrid of Industrial Scientific’s best monitoring technologies. It’s the first gas monitor to feature a full-color LCD display screen.


The display improves safety with clear readings in low light, bright light or anywhere in between. Whether the work is outside, inside or underground, it’s easy to see what gas hazards lurk in the immediate work environment. And a color display is more than eye-catching. It allows the user to step through instrument settings and functions with an intuitive menu and the instrument’s five-way navigation button. It even supports the option of on-board graphing for easily interpreted direct readings and recorded data.


Plus, the MX6 iBrid is our most rugged instrument ever. It is fully compatible with our DS2 Docking Station™, iNet DS and iNet™ Instrument Network.


Lifetime warranty.

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Configured for your safety, the Ventis™ MX4 takes your gas detection program to the next level.


- Detect from one to four gases with a wide range of sensor options.

- Draw samples from up to 100 feet with an optional, integrated sampling pump.

- Gain increased instrument visibility with a safety orange overmold.

- Realize true portability with multi-gas protection in single-gas size.

- Use the extended range battery for up to 20 hours (without pump).

- Discover a better way to do gas detection with the Ventis on iNet


Lifetime warranty.


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Gasbadge Plus



GasBadge® Plus is a one-year, maintenance-free, single gas monitor ideal for personal protection from unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide.

The unit’s compact size and light weight allow it to be worn comfortably with a variety of clip attachments, and the top-mounted sensor provides continuous and unobstructed protection even when placed in a shirt pocket.The rugged enclosure is extremely durable and resistant to water and radio frequency interference. A protective concussion-proof overmold protects the unit from extreme abuse in a variety of harsh industrial environments.

The large LCD display features a graphical interface and can be set up to show direct gas readings or just the gas type. The instrument’s two-button operation allows for easy navigation and setup, which can be password-protected for added security.Continuous event-logging is a standard feature for the GasBadge Plus with the past 15 alarm events recorded. Optional Cal Plus™ calibration station and Datalink accessories enable easy instrument maintenance, configuration and data downloading.


One year warranty

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Gasbadge Pro



Built to Industrial Scientific’s highest quality and reliability standards, GasBadge® Pro provides a lifetime of gas hazard protection with more features than any other single gas monitor available. Interchangeable “smart” sensors enable the GasBadge® Pro to be quickly adapted to monitor unsafe levels of oxygen or any one of the following toxic gases: carbon monoxidehydrogen sulfidenitrogen dioxidesulfur dioxidechlorinechlorine dioxidephosphineammonia, hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen.

GasBadge® Pro communicates directly via optional accessories like the 
DS2 Docking Station™iNet DS and Datalink to further simplify and automate calibration, function (bump) testing and data downloading. Standard STEL and TWA readings, and datalogging of up to one year of survey data are featured along with an event-logger that records the past 15 alarm events.

Housed in a rugged enclosure, the monitor is immune to RF, water resistant and extremely durable. A protective concussion-proof overmold protects the unit from extreme abuse in a variety of harsh industrial environments. Its simple and intuitive four-button navigation allows easy access to setup, operation and calibration functions.

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