Ananocoat Anti-Microbial Coating


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Cleaniness is a state of mind. Ensuring high levels of hygiene takes a lot of effort. Hygiene is important and makes a difference especially when immunity is low.

Dirty surfaces can cause irritation, headaches and even indigestion

AnanoCoat™ Anti-Microbial - disinfects surfaces from bacteria with one time application

Infections Control AnanoCoat™ does not only kill bacteria cells, but also decomposes the cell itself. It equally inhibits viral growth. The photocatalytic reaction works even when there are cells covering the surface and while the bacteria is actively propagating.

AnanoCoat™ emits oxygen radicals that will penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms. When the cell walls are penetrated, leakage of metabolites occurs and other cell functions are disabled, thereby preventing the microorganisms from functioning or reproducing. The beauty of AnanoCoat™ is its ability to perform continuously with right application method. Disinfectants by AnanoCoat™ are stronger than chlorine or ozone.

This is highly recommended for hospitals, laboratories, clinics and preschools where infections control measures are critical. Anti-Microbial Hygiene Solution AnanoCoat™ has been found to be more effective than any other antibacterial hygiene solution.


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