ISC iNet Now Live Monitoring



  • View a live map to pinpoint where workers are located and whether they have encountered hazardous gas, pressed the panic button, or activated the man-down alert

  • Receive real-time text messages and email alerts and respond immediately when a worker encounters a high alarm, low alarm, TWA, STEL, panic, or man-down situation


  • Use real-time data to assess emergency situations and respond appropriately

  • Verify mobile worker status without burdening or distracting workers with manual check-ins


  • Improve the reporting of your safety incidents by following up in real time versus days or weeks later

  • View a log of real-time alerts to see what hazards were encountered in the field and export data for easy reporting and follow up

  • Analyze worker or instrument records to understand duration of alarms, time of alarms, monitoring status, and alarm readings

Connect with our team of experts how Real-time Monitoring can possibly avoid another catastrophic accident


iNet® Now live monitoring software provides real-time text and email alerts for gas hazards, panic, and man-down situations allowing you to see what's happening on a map and respond to incidents as they occur. With iNet Now, you can have confidence that workers are visible, even when they are miles away.

iNet Now Live Monitoring Software provides several advantages that lead to better overall safety and productivity:

A live map displays the status and location of workers, eliminating the cost and time it takes to complete manual check-in processes

Automated alerts are activated when emergency situations occur, triggering responders and equipping them with a detailed understanding of the situation

iNet Now is also compatible with all LENS™ Wireless devices, including the Ventis® Pro Series and Radius™ BZ1. The combination of LENS Wireless and iNet Now makes it easier than ever to see the state of both wearable gas detectors and area monitors as they are deployed across work teams.


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