BLACKLINE Safety G7 EXO Area Monitor

The Blackline G7 EXO is a cloud-connected area gas monitor that offers reliable connectivity, advanced gas detection, and long-lasting battery life. It can monitor up to five gases simultaneously, using swappable cartridges that can be configured to address diverse safety needs. It can also connect to employee-worn detectors and stream real-time data to the Blackline Safety Cloud, providing visibility and insights of the site or facility.

The Blackline G7 EXO is designed to withstand the most rugged and harsh conditions, with a tough cast aluminum frame and a built-in setup wizard tool. It has integrated 4G cellular connectivity, with an optional satellite module for remote or hard-to-access locations. It also has a high-volume alarm siren and highly visible alert lights to support efficient and rapid evacuations in case of gas exposure. The Blackline G7 EXO is the industry’s only direct-to-cloud area gas monitor that delivers unmatched performance and versatility.  

Blackline Safety - Overview

The BLACKLINE G7 EXO is the industry's only direct-to-cloud area gas monitor. Unmatched battery life, reliable connectivity, and trustworthy gas detection to protect your entire worksite—all in a portable unit that holds up in even the harshest of conditions.


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