• Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacture
  • Storage Condition: temperature range is -20 ℃ to 38℃, maximum relative humidity 80%.
Material Composition:

The H901 Industrial Edition Flat Folding Mask is a particulate protective mask. It has a high degree of protection, greater cavity space, good air permeability, comfort and applicability, to provide users with a safe and comfortable particle protection solution.

H930 dust mask series meet with the GB2626-2006, have achieved the KN95 standards

• Filter efficiency exceeds 98%

• Inhalation resistant < 100 pa, exhalation resistant < 70 pa

• The nose pad with imported sealing material, with high adhesion, soft and comfortable characteristics, reduce the constriction to nose, more comfortable

• Large internal space enhance more air circulation, adding to user comfort


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