PIP MaxiDry Nitrile-coated Glove


• Ultra lightweight, nitrile coated glove. • General purpose assembly requiring precision handling. • Superior grip in oily and wet environments. • Excellent dexterity due to strategic placement of coating. • Locking cuff prevents the glove from slipping; elasticated wrist support provides snug fit.

Applications: Gear box assembly. General handling. Handling small castings. Handling of small components. Light metal fabrication and parts handling. Primary, secondary and final assembly. Shock absorber assembly. Maintenance.

• Optimized grip - delivered through our micro-cup finish, allows for a controlled grip in dry/oily environments.
• Reduced hand fatigue - our micro-cup finish reduces hand fatigue associated with lack of a proper grip.
• Dexterity and flexibility - are maximized because the coating is applied only where it is needed.
ATG® Technology Platforms
• Liquid repellence - we have increased resistance to oils via our LiquiTech® technology platform.
• High grade chemical resistance - is available through our LiquiTech ® platform, without the normally
associated loss of comfort and dexterity normally found in chemical resistant gloves.
• Safeguard your hands - LiquiTech ® can offer protection from many liquids, including water, oils and many
chemicals, commonly present in the workplace.


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