First Aid Outfit Box B (MOM)

Available as Complete Set or Refill Set (box not included)
S/N Contents Qty
1 Absorbent Gauze 10's 10
2 Basic Advice on First Aid At Work 1
3 Crepe Bandage 2" 2
4 Crepe Bandage 4" 3
5 Disposable Nitrile Gloves (Pair) 2
6 Disposable Resuscitation Pack 1
7 Europlast 10's 4
8 Eye Pad (Sterile) with Loop 4
9 Eye Shield with Loop 4
10 Hypoallergenic Tape 1
11 Pen Touch Light (Diagnostic Lamp) 1
12 Safety Pin 4
13 Shear Scissors 1
14 Triangular Bandage 4
  Note: Sterile saline/water is only recommended for places with no water supply

The kit contents which were recommended by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) continues to be the benchmark used by employers when selecting a first aid kit for their workplace.

  • Recommended usage: One box for every 50 workers
  • 35cm x 26.5cm x 12cm (13.5” x 10.5” x 5”)


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