HONEYWELL Dual Layer Face Cover Mask (includes 12 disposable filter inserts)

• Fully reusable and washable base face cover• Disposable and intuitive filter insert• Colors: Dark Gray*• Stretchable 3D knitted fabric to fit multiple face profiles • Ventilation Holes for improved breathability • Seal / fit optimization via embedded nose clip in Honeywell Red indicator• Filter: 3D contour shape & BFE, PFE >99% • Honeywell logo on mask side; Label customization available• Adjustable ear strap Technical Parameters • Face Cover with Filter✓ Filtration Efficiency✓ Low Fluid Resistance✓ Washable for face cover Filter • Filtration efficiency as per ASTM F2100-19**✓ BFE >99% Level 3✓ PFE >99% Level 3

Reusable Knitted Face Cover with Disposable Filters


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