Surgical Gown

  • Composed of Microfiber polyester-base fabric, fabrics are optional
  • Anti-static property, less adhered and influenced by particles
  •  Washable and dryable with high temperature and sterilizable with auto-clave
  • Processed with high water repellency and bacteria repellency to increase hydrostatic pressure
  • Suggestion & Precaution
  • Processed with laundry, drying and auto-clave procedure to reach better Ingress
  • Protection, and estimated to use maximum 100 times
  • The maximum times of use determines by individual conditions, only suggested no more than 50 times
  • Ironing temperature does not exceed 130 degrees
  • Do not use once damage found
  • The fabric pass CNS 14798 T5019 P2 (AMMI L3)

The Isolation Gown / Surgical Gown is composed of Nega-stat® Medical &
Healthy fabric, is microfiber polyester-based, combined with anti-static fiber, and processed with high water repellency. The polyester-base has properties of reusable, lightweight, breathable, non-linting, tensile strength enhanced and excellent hydrostatic pressure.

In additional, the two processes can improve the durability of sterilization procedure, including laundry, drying and auto-clave. All abovementioned features is to effectively protect surgical operators from potential infections deriving from patients’blood, body fluid or surrounding contaminated micro particles.


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